January 1, 2017


I love fresh starts and new beginnings. While many people shy away from New Year’s Resolutions out of fear or embarrassment, I celebrate January 1 and embrace the chance for evaluation and improvement. Though I haven’t written down my list of New Year’s Resolutions yet, we can already cross one off the list – launching the Larkengale blog.

I’ve toiled with the idea of writing a blog since 2013, so why did it take me so long to create Larkengale? Because I was discontent with names, design, and content, and because it’s so far out of my comfort zone to allow anyone into my photos and thoughts that I was equally terrified and embarrassed about the idea. But I’ve always had a ceaseless, nagging urge to share my thoughts and experiences, so even though I’m not entirely comfortable yet, welcome to Larkengale.

I hope that you’ll follow along with each post as we explore travel tips and life lessons – I’m curious to see where 2017 leads!

– Lauren

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